Overview by the Numbers:

Currently Serving: 5,085 students

Served to Date: 8,000 students

174 teachers

250 teachers

18,299 family members

35,000 community members (families)

*As of 2022

<aside> <img src="/icons/sharing_blue.svg" alt="/icons/sharing_blue.svg" width="40px" /> Summary of Team4Tech Contributions and Collaborations (2023):

Flying Kites Impact Trajectory:


<aside> đź“Ś Flying Kites is a Kenyan-based nonprofit that believes education is the key to overcoming poverty. They are working in partnership with the Ministry of Education and a network of resource-poor public primary schools in rural Kenya to transform education in the area. Their approach involves several key initiatives:

🤝 Partnership Objectives:

Flying Kites envisions a partnership with Team4Tech that builds on both organizations’ expertise and resources to develop a Technology Resource Lab at the Flying Kites Teacher Training Center. This will provide access to technology and ICT training with the goal of developing and nurturing digital literacy for thousands of rural teachers and students to ultimately advance the quality of both teaching and learning across Kenya’s South Kinangop district. With Team4Tech’s support, Flying Kites is aiming to improve teachers digital literacy, student engagement and outcomes, and record-keeping and reporting.

Flying Kites Partnership Overview

What are the 2022 results?

Following the development of a revised curriculum focused on core technology skills, Flying Kites intentionally scaled back the target number of teachers to ensure that participants had the necessary instruction, coaching, and time needed to learn, develop, and demonstrate their skills with independence. Their revised approach was designed to meet teachers where they are and allow them to progress through the modules at a pace that is best-suited

Grant Budget Analysis:

<aside> <img src="/icons/library_gray.svg" alt="/icons/library_gray.svg" width="40px" /> Flying Kites has utilized the grant to focus on their Teacher Training Center and improving tech and internet capacity. They purchased a Workstation for the trainer, supplies, and transportation services to make the training center successful for use. They also were able to installation of an Internet mast using the grant, providing a stable platform for access to the Internet at their campus and in the larger community.